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Related post: Boxall AB. "Joint Working Party on Agriculture and the Environment: New and emerging water pollutants arising from agriculture." Organisation de Coop�ration et de D�veloppement �conomiques (OCDE) [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development], Trade and Agriculture Directorate, Environment Directorate, Paris, France, 25 January, 2012, 44 pp; available: http://www.oecd.org/officialdocuments/publicdisplaydocumentpdf/?cote=COM/TAD/CA/ENV/EPOC(2010)17/FINAL&docLanguage=En. Boxall AB, Johnson P, Smith EJ, Sinclair CJ, Stutt E, and Levy LS. "Uptake of veterinary medicines from soils into plants." Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2006, 54(6):2288-2297; doi:10.1021/jf053041t. Boxall ABA. "The environmental side effects of medication - How are human and veterinary medicines in soils and water bodies affecting human and environmental health?" EMBO Reports 2002, 5(12):1110-1116. Boxall ABA. "Fate of Veterinary Medicines in the Environment." 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